International Consultancy (International HS Coding Expert, especially on REs)

The Global Environment Facility (GEF) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) are working with the Nigeria Government to implement a climate change mitigation project titled “Derisking Sustainable Off-grid Lighting Solutions” in Nigeria.

The overall objective of this project is to develop a private sector-led technology value for making off-grid renewable energy technologies, such as solar lanterns and solar home systems, available to base-of-pyramid rural households who would not be electrified at least until after 2025.

The project rationale is underpinned by a novel approach to derisk private sector investments in the market for rural decentralised renewable energy access. This will be achieved through three outcomes:
(i) putting in place appropriate policies, programmes and regulations that address policy, awareness and financial barriers to facilitate investment in sustainable off-grid lighting solutions and corresponding business models.
(ii) off-grid lighting providers are operating and have access to working capital and equipment, and
(iii) good practices, lessons learned, market assessments, demand-supply surveys, delivery models and business models are documented to support replication and scaling-up of project results.

In the light of the foregoing, consultants are required to conduct these activities and present findings before stakeholders. Consultants must carry out their work to guarantee the accuracy and pertinence of the project objectives.


1 International Consultancy Harmonised (HS) Coding Expert on Renewable Energy Technologies


1 International Consultancy Harmonised (HS) Coding Expert on Renewable Energy Technologies

1.1 Duties and Responsibility of International Consultancy Harmonised (HS) Coding Expert on Renewable Energy Technologies

The key function / task of the consultant/company shall be to (Expected Output:)

1. Document existing Harmonised HS Codes for the energy sector, with emphasis on off-grid RETs and Report on training completed gaps in the Nigeria Customs Service Harmonised HS Codes for off-grid RETs.


Number of Days: 28 days

Start Date: 04 April, 2023

End Date: 11 May, 2023

# Deliverables / outputs Due Date
1 Engagement of consultant 04 April, 2023

Submission of first draft report;

The draft report on findings and recommendations will be prepared and submitted to PMU.

The consultant shall present the project report, deliverables and findings in a session designed to assess the deliverables by the PMU.

11 April, 2023

Submission of final draft reports;

(i) Framework of Customs HS code structure of the energy sector / Offgrid RETs sector.

(ii) Report current efforts made by relevant organizations.

(iii) Report on input provided.

11 May, 2023

1.3 Required Skills and Experience

• An advanced university degree (Masters or equivalent) in Internal Trade, Renewable Energy, Economics, or a related field. PhD degree would be an added advantage.

• At least 5 years of relevant work experience Customs Classification, Compliance reviews, and Strategy assessments of policies on Duty, Imports, Clearing, and Exports especially with respect to the Energy Sector.

• Past experience in working with the UN, and UNDP in particular, international organizations, and similar agencies would be an advantage.

• Clear understanding of custom procedures in Nigeria.

• Previous experience in conducting similar assignment.


The consultant/company shall work with the Project Management Unit (PMU) to ensure the successful and timely completion study in accordance with objectives, schedule and planned budget.

Kindly apply online via https.//www.dsols.gefundp.rea.gov.ng/advertisements and forward hard copies of your Expression of Interest (EOI) along with your CV by post in a sealed envelope before 31st March, 2023 at 17:00 Nigerian Time.


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